Content Distribution service

To fulfill the needs of heavy-loaded, high traffic web sites, Value CDN offers premium content delivery service at very affordable bandwidth transfer rates. Using our content delivery network you will improve your web site visitor experience and lower the server load, allowing your current server and hardware architecture to serve more web visitors without expensive hardware upgrades, load balancing, backup, administration and failover. Not only will your web site files be delivered faster to your end users but you will also benefit from our very low-price data transfer rates, saving thousands of dollars on monthly bandwidth bills for large web sites and portals that distribute a lot of static content files.

Our content delivery network service can be easily activated for your web site in an hour or two. Our technical staff will work hard with you to set-up, configure and enable content serving from our content delivery network.

We stand behind our service quality and it's our goal to offer premium service at a very affordable cost.

Package Webmaster Expert Pro
Space 1GB 3GB 5GB
Traffic 2000GB 5000GB 10000GB
Extra transfer $0.11 / 1GB $0.10 / 1GB $0.085 / 1GB
Monthly fee $200 $400 $700
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We also offer our SilverNet content distribution service with traffic rates as low as $0.04 for 1GB of actual outgoing data transfer.

Please note that above pricing is without VAT.

Content Delivery Network service

Value CDN SilverNet - affordable content distribution service as low as $0.04 for 1GB of data transfer. Read more Link