Value CDN offers low-cost, high-quality Content Delivery Network service for large blogs, web sites and portals. With multiple cache network points in the United States and Europe, we are able to serve web static content to your end users much faster and with lower latency than traditional and single-point web hosting. By moving your static files to our content delivery service, you will not only lower your monthly bandwidth bill, but you will decrease your front-end server and network usage.

Our service is best for offloading web site content from web servers and hosting images, stylesheets, JavaScript, Flash and other files via our fast Content Delivery Network. Value CDN service employs dispersed fast cache nodes in multiple locations and are tuned for high-performance static content delivery.

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Content Delivery Network service

Value CDN SilverNet - affordable content distribution service as low as $0.04 for 1GB of data transfer. Read more Link

Monthly special: 10GB space, 50TB transfer for $1500 monthly. That's $0.03 for 1GB of transfer! Contact our sales.